My name is Salman Ahmed Alkhulif, from Saudi Arabia, Currently studying in the United States. I have been in love with cameras and photography since I was 12 years old or so, but I didn’t really see my passion until 2004-2005. I was encouraged by my friend Abduleelah Hassan Mattar, when we were member in Aljarodiah forum. This was the first step that made me realize how much passion I have for photography. Then I have taught myself by reading books and online tutorials. I don’t forget Naseem Ali Abduljabbar, who gave me my first professional photography course which was a big push toward my professional photography.

       In 2006, I came to the United States, I was planning to major in computer science, but I changed my mind to major in communication with an emphasis in photojournalism. Because I believe that a person can produce better work if he/she does whatever they love. This will make them unique in their field. This switch would not have happened if I didn’t talk to Mike Gullett. Mike was my photojournalism teacher. He encouraged me to do what I love, and I’m glad that I listened to him.

       I have been member in the Student Association of Photographers since 2007. Also, I have been working with Collegio (PSU newspaper) since 2007. I have won several awards such as 2nd Place in News photography with the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press in 2008 and two honorable mentions in 2009. I have won in the Student Association of Photographers Contests: 2nd & 3rd place in Illustration & Manipulation Division in 2008, 1st Place in black & white and 3rd Place in Amateur Division/color in 2007. I have also won one gold and two silvers in 2009-2010 ADDY Awards.

You can find my work in Flickr, Deviantart, and my personal website.