Customizing Your Blogger Blog

There are so may ways to customize your blog, but  this the easy way is by the using Template Designer settings under your Design setting.

After you choose you template ( mine is Watermark), there are more than 15 customizable templates.

I selected the layout the I liked. You can choose the number of columns/sidebars you want. 

Here you can adjust the width of the bars and the width entire blog.

This is when it become more complicated. In the advance mode you can change the font type, color and size, which might be tricky, because you want to choose something that fit with your overall design.

This is my old design.

This is after I adjust the width of the blog and the width of the sidebar from the Adjust Width menu.

 After applying a background image from the Background menu. This might be tricky because, you may need to change the color of the text just to be readable against the background.

Another template called Ethereal which I might end up using whenever I have my content ready.

I don't think I'm ready to change many things in my blog since I don't have my contents ready to fill my blog and pages, but I have made some small changes and have tried several things just to show you how you can customize your blog.


Dynamic Views from Google

Google has introduced five new dynamic templates in Blogger that could be customizable to be used in your blog in the near future. The new views used many of new and cool web technology such as AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. This allows you to view your blog in fast, creative and easy way.

The creative views are called Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. You can try them by adding "/view/name of the view" in the end of your blog URL. For example, here is my blog in the Sidebar view.

You can switch between the views from the blue spry menu bar in the upper right corner.


Apple: Old and New Logo

Most of you recognize the the apple that shape the logo of Apple company, but have you thought what was the first or the old design of the same logo?

 The 1976 logo, the original logo with Isaac Newton under an apple tree.

The rainbow "bitten" logo, used from late 1976 to 1998.

 The monochrome logo, used since 1998.

 Current logo, since 2003.

Looking at the logos redesigns, I think that Apple adopted very well with each era they were living. The original logo with Isaac Newton under an apple tree was complicated design and pictures. When they came up with the rainbow design, it was basic and simple, but in the same time it was a selling points. Then when new iMac was lunched in 1998, they changed the logo to a monochromatic apple, which was great since they didn't change the shape, but only the color, which still make people recognize the logo.

Current Apple logo comes with nice glassy gradient chrome silver design. It is probably one of the most recognized logo in the world. The change was a definite success, because the apple shape identify Apple company very well.


My First Photography Gallery

It is not a gallery as the world might sound for. This exhibition is a class project. We are required to show at least 36 pictures, in which they were captured this year only, unless the instructor allow otherwise. The class called Portrait Photography, so I decided to show only my portrait photography.

I printed all the photos in the PSU printing labs inside the KTC.

Large images printed with this printer: Epson Pro 4000

Small prints with this printer: Epson Stylus Photo 2200

I bought large white boards and cut them in half and mounted the large prints with them. I used mutli purpose spry adhesive.
Trying to organize how the prints will look like before I take them to school. 

This is how the galley look like now, the display lights are off :P
Open tomorrow until Friday 1st of April.

Here are some of the photos I showed.


Blogger vs. Wordpress

Couple of weeks ago I got my eyes on Have you looked at Blogger lately? cool video about Blogger.

REALLY call video, isn't it. It list the new changes and features about Blogger, one of the biggest blog publishing service owned b Google.

Here are some of the important differences between Blogger and Wordpress. Feel free to list what differences you found :)

Source: Pulsed: Blogger vs. Wordpress


How I captured it (2) Metal

I had an assignment last week for my Studio Product Photography class, at the GIT department.

The assignment was to shoot metal products such as cookware, silverware, metal products or tools. Metals are probably the least subjects that I  have photographed. Metal products are not easy to photograph, because they are affected by its surrounding such as hard-edged and soft-edged high lights, mid tones and most important "shadows and reflections" which I needed to eliminate any unwanted shadows and reflections.

I had to come up with three different products which I brought from home to the school studio. I got them ready the night before the shooting. I was surprised by the result :D

I used a light tent, something similar to this tent, soft box, another light under the table (but didn't use it in all my shot), Canon Rebel XS, lens: Canon 18-55mm.

Here are my set, I know it's a mess :!
The tent was used to eliminate the reflection and soften them.

Here are some of the results:
I was lucky to find the rock laying under one of the table in the studio :)
this set is used, so I had to use Photoshop to clean it a bit ;)


It might be a future website!!


I'm currently designing a personal home page (website), which I might end up using officially for my future business. I'm calling it:

Zoom Photography

Todo list:

* To move the bar one the right side.
* Adding rollover buttons (for the header menu)
* Adding a sideshow on the home page.

This is just the start. Hopefully I'll make more changes in the future. comments and suggestions are welcomed.


How I captured it (1) Kiwi

I'm planning to share some of my photos that I shot and how I captured them.

I had to do an assignment for one of my classes, it was about food. I though of shooting kiwis, because I love kiwi ;)

First, I sliced the kiwi to make a slice, thin enough to see the lights through it, maybe quarter of an inch.

Second, I hold the kiwi slice by sticking a knife on its side, then attached the knife to a small light holder. I couldn't find anything better :P

Then, I placed the light source (the main and only light source I used) behind the kiwi slice, more like in its side not directly behind it, and tried different light angle to see the effects of the light on the slice.

Finally, the result :)

hope you like it ;)