How I captured it (1) Kiwi

I'm planning to share some of my photos that I shot and how I captured them.

I had to do an assignment for one of my classes, it was about food. I though of shooting kiwis, because I love kiwi ;)

First, I sliced the kiwi to make a slice, thin enough to see the lights through it, maybe quarter of an inch.

Second, I hold the kiwi slice by sticking a knife on its side, then attached the knife to a small light holder. I couldn't find anything better :P

Then, I placed the light source (the main and only light source I used) behind the kiwi slice, more like in its side not directly behind it, and tried different light angle to see the effects of the light on the slice.

Finally, the result :)

hope you like it ;)


  1. It's creative and very nice. I like it! hope to see new ideas with the description just like this or better.

  2. Thanks :) I hope to continue updating the blog in the future.