Apple: Old and New Logo

Most of you recognize the the apple that shape the logo of Apple company, but have you thought what was the first or the old design of the same logo?

 The 1976 logo, the original logo with Isaac Newton under an apple tree.

The rainbow "bitten" logo, used from late 1976 to 1998.

 The monochrome logo, used since 1998.

 Current logo, since 2003.

Looking at the logos redesigns, I think that Apple adopted very well with each era they were living. The original logo with Isaac Newton under an apple tree was complicated design and pictures. When they came up with the rainbow design, it was basic and simple, but in the same time it was a selling points. Then when new iMac was lunched in 1998, they changed the logo to a monochromatic apple, which was great since they didn't change the shape, but only the color, which still make people recognize the logo.

Current Apple logo comes with nice glassy gradient chrome silver design. It is probably one of the most recognized logo in the world. The change was a definite success, because the apple shape identify Apple company very well.


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