My First Photography Gallery

It is not a gallery as the world might sound for. This exhibition is a class project. We are required to show at least 36 pictures, in which they were captured this year only, unless the instructor allow otherwise. The class called Portrait Photography, so I decided to show only my portrait photography.

I printed all the photos in the PSU printing labs inside the KTC.

Large images printed with this printer: Epson Pro 4000

Small prints with this printer: Epson Stylus Photo 2200

I bought large white boards and cut them in half and mounted the large prints with them. I used mutli purpose spry adhesive.
Trying to organize how the prints will look like before I take them to school. 

This is how the galley look like now, the display lights are off :P
Open tomorrow until Friday 1st of April.

Here are some of the photos I showed.

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