How I captured it (2) Metal

I had an assignment last week for my Studio Product Photography class, at the GIT department.

The assignment was to shoot metal products such as cookware, silverware, metal products or tools. Metals are probably the least subjects that I  have photographed. Metal products are not easy to photograph, because they are affected by its surrounding such as hard-edged and soft-edged high lights, mid tones and most important "shadows and reflections" which I needed to eliminate any unwanted shadows and reflections.

I had to come up with three different products which I brought from home to the school studio. I got them ready the night before the shooting. I was surprised by the result :D

I used a light tent, something similar to this tent, soft box, another light under the table (but didn't use it in all my shot), Canon Rebel XS, lens: Canon 18-55mm.

Here are my set, I know it's a mess :!
The tent was used to eliminate the reflection and soften them.

Here are some of the results:
I was lucky to find the rock laying under one of the table in the studio :)
this set is used, so I had to use Photoshop to clean it a bit ;)

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