QR Codes for Designers

The new creative way to connect real life to the digital world is by using QR code (short for Quick Response) where you can scan the tags from your mobile phone for quick access to URL, websites, videos, reviews, phone numbers, addresses, an iPhone app and much more.

Designers and whoever publish stuff to the public such as for advertising, marketing or campaigns, can differently use and benefit from it. I have seen QR-Codes, the once that look like this

on ads, posters, business card, flyers, and even products (my facial wash). You can make yours from here.

Microsoft has come with a neat QR code system called Microsoft Tag.

The cool thing about Microsoft Tag is that its colored and you can manipulate it, where you can customize it with personal background or even make it as a picture.

After you register on their website, set your categories and then go to the Tag Manager.
Hit Create a Tag

Enter the needed information. Under the tag type you could choose URL, App Download, Free Text, vCard, or Dialer.

You could also set an end date to the tag, this is useful for event ads and such on.

After you hit Save, you'll go back to the Tag Manager, click the render icon of the tag you created to created and choose the design on the tag.
You could choose file type and size. Custom is the option where you can manipulate the background of the tag. Like this:
If you choose custom, make sure the background color don't interfere with the tag color, Watch this video to understand what I mean.

This is Plain tag:

You could try mine ;), but first, you need to download the app from here.

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