Update: My Personal Website

As some of you might know that I have been working on my personal website. I have managed to almost finish it. I have upload it to the GIT server, Here is the link.

Programs I used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Light Box, WOW Slider.

I designed the header, the background (fixed on the pages), and spry menu bar. It's based on Dreamweaver template, but modified it to fit my need.  

The Index Page: for the slide show in the main page I used WOW Slider which is cool and easy programs to use, free and paid version.

The About Page: little info about me :)

The Galleries Page: where the photo is a link to a specific galley.

I used Visual Light Box to create my gallery (pretty easy to use). Each gallery view the image using "jquery" java script viewer.


The Contact Page: made the contact form in Adobe Dreamweaver, and used a php mail form page. I though It will be better for me to also list Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts on the contact page.

What I would do next? 
- Add more contents (photos, particularly).
- Redesign the blog to fit with the page design.
- Find better place for Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook links.
- And if I got creative, I might change the look of the whole site :P

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